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DNS Checker gets enriched with DNS lookup data

19th September 2020

Building up top of the enhancements to the new custom built map UI, the Global DNS Checker now has some of the same extra details that the DNS Lookup Tool provides built right into the Global DNS Checker itself.

What this means is that that you can now gain further insight into specific lookup results to help diagnose and debug any DNS issues you may be having. This has been a popular request, so it's good to finally be able to provide this feature to users.

What's great about combining the results of the DNS Lookup Tool directly into the Global Checker, is that as new features are rolled out to the DNS Lookup Tool, both tools will benefit.

Having said that, this is just the start of what will be provided when looking at individual server results on the Global DNS Checker with more features planned specifically for this tool which will come shortly.

Furthermore, the work behind the scenes done to make this feature possible opens up some exciting new possibilities... More details on this to come!

UI Enhancements with D3.js

10th September 2020

As the upgrades continue to be rolled out, today marks the day that the DNS Checker no longer uses jVectorMap and therefore jQuery. The map used to quickly represent DNS server locations has now been moved over to a much more modern solution which improves page load time, render blocking, mobile and tablet experiences and reduces overall file size and download times.

The new solution is custom built on top of D3.js and TopoJSON - this allows for a great deal more control and makes it so new features can be rolled out much more easily rather than relying on an old library that is not as actively maintained as it was when it was chosen many years ago.

While visually, not much has yet changed for end users this new foundation provides a much more flexible platform to start rolling out new features and enhancements for the DNS checker tools so keep an eye out for the new features coming soon.

DNS Lookup Tool

18th August 2020

Today whatsmydns.net launches a brand-new feature - the dedicated DNS Lookup tool. This tool differs from the DNS Checker in that it only queries a single server but provides a lot more details about the results.

The tool is currently in its basic form but is already packed with features. The majority of common record types are able to be checked from some of the most popular global DNS servers.

The details provided are probably not what most users who are simply checking DNS propagation are after, but don’t worry as this tool is not going anywhere and will continue to be the main focus of the site.

Those who are a little more technical will get the most use out of this new tool. They will now be able to get much more information than before - including flags, TTL’s, authority and additional sections from the lookup response.

This is just the beginning of this tool, with more improvements and features on the way.

Why not check it out now?

2020 Major Update

4th August 2020

Today whatsmydns.net launched a major update for the first time since 2014!

While many small tweaks and improvements have been made since the last big change, today's update provides some bigger improvements and lays the groundwork to more rapidly release new features. The design itself on the surface is very similar to how it was previously, but the way it has been built has been done from the ground up.

With the UI previously built with Bootstrap, the new design has been built with Tailwind CSS - this makes it easier to give the site its own personal look and feel rather than being just like all the other Bootstrap sites out there.

With the advancement of more widely supported browser features like position: sticky, you will now benefit from being able to see more relavent information as you scroll on DNS lookups which have multiple record types - for example MX records. Additionally, when you have scrolled down, you will no longer need to scroll back up to perform another search or change the record type as the search bar will follow you down the page.

While not all of the planned changes have been released today, the foundation of which they build upon has been and I'm looking forward to getting more new features out soon.


9th June 2017

After almost 10 years having to deal with accidentally visiting the wrong site, you can finally find us at either whatsmydns.net or whatsmydns.com!

Server Capacity Doubled

15th October 2015

Over the last weekend, the whatsmydns.net network was upgraded to provide double the previous capacity in both CPU power and memory allocation.

Since the upgrade has been performed, response times are approximately twice as fast in non peak hours with even greater performance gains in peak hours.

The upgrade was successfully performed without interruption to end users by adding in new servers to the load balancer before retiring the old ones.

Support for Service Record (SRV) added

5th April 2015

Support for checking SRV records has been added to the propagation checker.

This will allow users to check DNS propagation for SRV records around the world.

The request format should be provided in the standard _service._protocol.name format. For example: _autodiscover._tcp.example.com.

Results returned will be in the format priority weight port target. For example: 0 0 443 host.example.com.

2014 Design Update

30th November 2014

A week ago today, whatsmydns.net received an overhaul of the site layout, design & navigation.

These updates bring a fresh new look and identity to whatsmydns that locks it in place as the best online tool for checking DNS propagation.

There have also been some changes behind the scenes that will bring better performance to the end user experience as well as ensuring that the best possible results are returned when performing DNS propagation checks around the world.

Country Flag Icons

10th March 2013

A nice little update to the homepage today with the addition of country flag icons provided from flag-sprites.com.

The icons bring a really quick way of knowing where in the world DNS servers are located in the list of results.

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