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DNS Lookup Tool

18th August 2020

Today whatsmydns.net launches a brand-new feature - the dedicated DNS Lookup tool. This tool differs from the DNS Checker in that it only queries a single server but provides a lot more details about the results.

The tool is currently in its basic form but is already packed with features. The majority of common record types are able to be checked from some of the most popular global DNS servers.

The details provided are probably not what most users who are simply checking DNS propagation are after, but don’t worry as this tool is not going anywhere and will continue to be the main focus of the site.

Those who are a little more technical will get the most use out of this new tool. They will now be able to get much more information than before - including flags, TTL’s, authority and additional sections from the lookup response.

This is just the beginning of this tool, with more improvements and features on the way.

Why not check it out now?