9th June 2017

After almost 10 years having to deal with accidentally visiting the wrong site, you can finally find us at either whatsmydns.net or whatsmydns.com!

Server Capacity Doubled

15th October 2015

Over the last weekend, the whatsmydns.net network was upgraded to provide double the previous capacity in both CPU power and memory allocation.

Since the upgrade has been performed, response times are approximately twice as fast in non peak hours with even greater performance gains in peak hours.

The upgrade was successfully performed without interruption to end users by adding in new servers to the load balancer before retiring the old ones.

Support for Service Record (SRV) added

5th April 2015

Support for checking SRV records has been added to the propagation checker.

This will allow users to check DNS propagation for SRV records around the world.

The request format should be provided in the standard _service._protocol.name format. For example: _autodiscover._tcp.example.com.

Results returned will be in the format priority weight port target. For example: 0 0 443 host.example.com.

2014 Design Update

30th November 2014

A week ago today, whatsmydns.net received an overhaul of the site layout, design & navigation.

These updates bring a fresh new look and identity to whatsmydns that locks it in place as the best online tool for checking DNS propagation.

There have also been some changes behind the scenes that will bring better performance to the end user experience as well as ensuring that the best possible results are returned when performing DNS propagation checks around the world.

Country Flag Icons

10th March 2013

A nice little update to the homepage today with the addition of country flag icons provided from flag-sprites.com.

The icons bring a really quick way of knowing where in the world DNS servers are located in the list of results.

Major Rewrite and Speed Enhancements

26th December 2012

Today whatsmydns.net underwent a major rewrite - this includes a full rewrite of the design, database and core functionality of the DNS propagation checker as well as the blog, articles, and supporting pages.

These changes bring whatsmydns.net up to date with a responsive design which will provide a nicer experience for users who have larger screens.

The core DNS propagation check has also been rewritten to bring faster and more accurate results to users. Moving forward this will give more flexibility for future upgrades.

Amazon CloudFront CDN is now being used to provide static content from endpoints located all around the world - this will make loading the website much faster for international users.

Supporting content and pages such as the DNS server database and Flush DNS page have had caching implemented as well which will further speed up page load times.

Hope you all like the changes and we look forward to bringing you more updates in the future.

DNS Propagation Check for Malaysia, India and Pakistan

16th December 2012

whatsmydns.net continues to grow and add additional countries to the list for propagation checking - today we're announcing new checks for Malaysia, India and Pakistan.

Adding extra countries to the list that whatsmydns.net checks will provide greater coverage when determining if your DNS changes have propagated around the world.

In other news - while it may seem like this blog has not been updated in quite some time (2 years!) there has recently been quite a lot of work done on the site with the addition of moving over to Amazon Web Servies for added stability and reliability. We hope to bring you some exciting new features in the near future.

DNS Propagation Check for Germany and Turkey

9th November 2010

whatsmydns.net now provides DNS propagation results for an additional 2 countries - Germany and Turkey.

The addition of more countries to the system will allow users to more accurately monitor DNS propagation and identify any errors to their DNS configuration even faster. This will ultimately make the tool even more useful for users who are making changes to their domain names configuration.

The DNS servers for both of these countries have been kindly provided by the Offensive IP Database so make sure to check them out!

Advanced Link Sharing

10th March 2010

A great new feature has been added to whatsmydns.net today, it's a feature that I have been meaning to add for quite some time now but I received an email from a user a few days ago asking for more or less the exact feature I had in mind so I figured that many other people out there would benefit also so I decided it was time for it to be implemented.

whatsmydns.net now supports advanced linking so that you can more easily share links with your friends, coworkers, or people helping you out on a community forum or similar. The way it works is very simple and does not change the way that the site works in any way. There are 2 important changes to the site.

  1. Whenever you perform a search to check DNS propagation the fragment portion of the URL (the bit after the #) will be updated with your search query. This is the link that you will need to share with people.

  2. You can now access the site with the links that have been shared from the above step by simply going to the URL and when the page loads it will automatically perform the DNS propagation search specified in the link.

I hope that many people find this a great addition to the functionality of the site and that it helps out people when sharing links online to whatsmydns.net