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2020 Major Update

4th August 2020

Today whatsmydns.net launched a major update for the first time since 2014!

While many small tweaks and improvements have been made since the last big change, today's update provides some bigger improvements and lays the groundwork to more rapidly release new features. The design itself on the surface is very similar to how it was previously, but the way it has been built has been done from the ground up.

With the UI previously built with Bootstrap, the new design has been built with Tailwind CSS - this makes it easier to give the site its own personal look and feel rather than being just like all the other Bootstrap sites out there.

With the advancement of more widely supported browser features like position: sticky, you will now benefit from being able to see more relavent information as you scroll on DNS lookups which have multiple record types - for example MX records. Additionally, when you have scrolled down, you will no longer need to scroll back up to perform another search or change the record type as the search bar will follow you down the page.

While not all of the planned changes have been released today, the foundation of which they build upon has been and I'm looking forward to getting more new features out soon.