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What's My DNS on Twitter

11th July 2009

What's My DNS is now on Twitter! For the latest news and updates make sure you follow us @whatsmydns.

Feel free to tweet any ideas and suggestions that you have and we will be sure to consider them!


DNS Server Database

30th May 2009

As the site continues to grow, more features are being added into the system - in the near future there will be a database of DNS servers for a range of different ISP's around the world. This will be an excellent resource for people who are trying to find their local DNS servers in order to configure their Internet connections. Just to get things started I have added Exetel DNS Servers and aaNet DNS Servers. In the future the system will be expanded to allow user submitted data so that the database can grow much larger.

DNS Record Type Updates

26th June 2008

A bunch of new features have been added to What's My DNS today, the most important and requested is the ability to perform lookups on different record types. The following DNS record types are now supported:

  • A - Host address (dotted quad)
  • AAAA - IP v6 address (address spec with colons)
  • CNAME - Canonical name for an alias (domain name)
  • MX - Mail exchanger (preference value, domain name)
  • NS - Authoritative nameserver (domain name)
  • PTR - Domain name pointer (domain name)
  • TXT - Descriptive text (one or more strings)

As usual, let me know if there's any problems with these new additions. It's probably worth mentioning that when doing a lookup on your MX record, make sure you're only using the part of the domain that you receive email from. For example if you receive email at [email protected] then enter example.com into the input box not www.example.com (as that would be the email address for [email protected] and is probably not configured to have a MX record).

I have also started writing a bit of reference material in order to hopefully help people out with various DNS tools for the operating system they are running. At the moment I have only really touched on the Flush DNS page and DNS Tools page, but there will be more to come shortly.

What's My DNS Launched

7th June 2008

What's my DNS was launched a few days ago in a public beta state, there is bound to be a few bugs here and there so don't worry too much if your DNS checks aren't totally as you expect.

So first of all, what is What's My DNS? Well quite simply, it is an online utility that allows you to instantly check the current DNS propagation of a domain name on a range of randomly selected name servers located in different locations around the world.

Now why would anybody find this useful? The people who will benefit the most from this service is basically anybody who has anything to do with web hosting, email hosting, or just web development in general. The way that the Internet and the Domain Name System works means that there is a delay for changes to take effect from the time that they are comitted to the time that all end users around the world will see them. This propagation can take up to 72 hours in some cases.

What's My DNS allows you to monitor this delay as it propagates around the Internet and around the world so you no longer need to wonder if changes you've made to your DNS zones are visible elsewhere.

There is also a section called What's My IP Address which is a simple utility that simply shows your IP address as many people find this useful.

If anybody has any feedback, bug reports, or ideas that would make the utility better then then make sure you let me know and I will try my best to implement them. I have a bunch of my own ideas too so expect to see some new features in the near future.

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