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DNS Record Type Updates

26th June 2008

A bunch of new features have been added to What's My DNS today, the most important and requested is the ability to perform lookups on different record types. The following DNS record types are now supported:

  • A - Host address (dotted quad)
  • AAAA - IP v6 address (address spec with colons)
  • CNAME - Canonical name for an alias (domain name)
  • MX - Mail exchanger (preference value, domain name)
  • NS - Authoritative nameserver (domain name)
  • PTR - Domain name pointer (domain name)
  • TXT - Descriptive text (one or more strings)

As usual, let me know if there's any problems with these new additions. It's probably worth mentioning that when doing a lookup on your MX record, make sure you're only using the part of the domain that you receive email from. For example if you receive email at [email protected] then enter example.com into the input box not www.example.com (as that would be the email address for [email protected] and is probably not configured to have a MX record).

I have also started writing a bit of reference material in order to hopefully help people out with various DNS tools for the operating system they are running. At the moment I have only really touched on the Flush DNS page and DNS Tools page, but there will be more to come shortly.