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UI Enhancements with D3.js

10th September 2020

As the upgrades continue to be rolled out, today marks the day that the DNS Checker no longer uses jVectorMap and therefore jQuery. The map used to quickly represent DNS server locations has now been moved over to a much more modern solution which improves page load time, render blocking, mobile and tablet experiences and reduces overall file size and download times.

The new solution is custom built on top of D3.js and TopoJSON - this allows for a great deal more control and makes it so new features can be rolled out much more easily rather than relying on an old library that is not as actively maintained as it was when it was chosen many years ago.

While visually, not much has yet changed for end users this new foundation provides a much more flexible platform to start rolling out new features and enhancements for the DNS checker tools so keep an eye out for the new features coming soon.