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Whois Lookup


Whois lookups are often useful when looking into gathering information about a domain name.

How do you see whois information about a domain name?

Checking whois information for a domain name is easy, using the whatsmydns.net whois lookup tool you can look up whois data for any domain name.

What is a whois lookup?

A whois lookup is a type of request which retrieves information about the owner of a domain name.

What information is contained in a whois response?

There is a lot of information returned from a whois request a domain name. This information typically includes the date that the domain name was registered, when it was last updated as well as when it is due to expire. Additionally, information about the owner and the registrar are also returned.

What domain names can a whois lookup be performed on?

Any domain can have a whois lookup performed on it.

Some examples: google.com, wikipedia.org, apple.com, youtube.com, amazon.com