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URL Unshortener

Convert shortened URLs into their final destination.

What is a shortened URL link?

A shortened URL is a URL which has been shortened into something more easily sharable.

For example, a long URL may look something like https://www.example.com/a-very-long-page-name and could be shortened into something like https://t.ly/w1lT.

When visiting a shortened URL, the user is automatically redirected to the full URL.

Why would you want to unshorten a URL?

Visiting URLs which have been shortened can often expose you to security risks or unwanted privacy violations. By using a URL unshortener, you can see what the final destination URL is without having to visit the URL yourself.

How do you unshorten a URL link?

The easiest way to unshorten a URL is to simply visit it, however this may inadvertently lead you to an undesirable page as you do not know what it will unshorten to until after visiting it. By using the tool on this page, you can enter the short URL and expand it into its unshortened version without having to visit the link yourself.

Sometimes URLs are redirected multiple times, giving an opportunity for each of the intermediary URLs to track your browsing behaviour, set cookies, and decide where to redirect next. You can use the redirect checker tool to see each step along the way to the final destination.

How do you shorten a URL link?

Many people often see short URLs shared online, especially on social media and wonder how to create them themselves. Some services will automatically shorten links for you, however if they do not then you simply need to use a Link Shortener service which will shorten your URL from its full format into a shortened version.

Why would you want to shorten a URL?

There are many reasons for wanting to shorten a URL, the primary reason is usually for wanting to share a link on social media but do not want the post taking up too much space with the link itself and distracting users from the other content in your post.

Some URL shortening services let you choose from a variety of vanity domain names, or even bring your own custom domain. Short URLs often include additional features such as analytics, password protection and other interesting features.

What links can be unshortened?

The URL unshortener tool on this page can unshorten any link which uses a standard HTTP 300 class redirect (301, 302, 307). If you need to unshorten more sophisticated types of redirects, then a dedicated Link Unshortener website will be able to handle these more complicated cases as well as provide extra details about the destination page.

Some URL shorteners allow for password protection, these links cannot be automatically unshortened by using the tool on this page.

Example shortened URL

The links below can be used to demonstrate the functionality of this tool.

https://t.ly/w1lT - https://www.example.com/a-very-long-page-name

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