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IPv4 to IPv6 Converter as 6to4 notation:

2002:101:101:: as expanded 6to4 notation:

2002:0101:0101:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000 as IPv4-mapped notation:


IPv4 addresses can be converted to and represented as IPv6 addresses using either the 6to4 notation or in IPv4-mapped notation.

How do you convert an IPv4 address into an IPv6 address?

Converting an IPv4 address into an IPv6 address is easy to do and can be converted with online tools instantly. By using the IPv4 to IPv6 converter tool on this page, you can quickly convert any IPv4 address - simply enter any valid address, and press the convert button.

IPv4 addresses will converted to IPv6 addresses in 6to4 notation IPv6 shortened form, IPv6 fully expanded form, as well as in IPv4-mapped notation.

If you already have an IPv6 address and would like to convert it back to IPv4, then you can use the IPv6 to IPv4 conversion tool.

Why would you want to convert an IPv4 address to IPv6?

As the new IPv6 Internet Protocol standard will take quite some time to be fully adopted, there is a need for network communication on both IPv4 networks as well as IPv6 networks in the transition period. In order for hosts on IPv6 networks to communicate with hosts on IPv4 networks, they need to have a way of referencing devices which do not have valid IPv6 addresses.

There are multiple mechanisms in place to achieve this transition, but two of them require the need to convert IPv4 addresses into IPv6 addresses. The two transition mechanisms use different formats to represent the addresses.

6to4 notation - When tunnelling connections by encapsulating IPv6 network packets within IPv4 packets the 6to4 notation can be used to represent IPv4 hosts on a IPv4 network.

IPv4-mapped notation - Hybrid dual-stack IPv4 & IPv6 networks can communicate with IPv4 devices using the IPv4-mapped notation.

What IP addresses can be converted from IPv4 to IPv6?

Any valid IPv4 address can be converted to IPv6.

Some examples:,,,

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