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Telstra DNS Servers Attacked?

Australia's largest ISP - Telstra, had many customers seemingly knocked offline. The cause? An internal DNS misconfiguration.

After first being reported as a cyber attack by Telstra's social media account

"We've identified the issue and are working on it. Some of our Domain Name Servers (DNS) used to route your traffic online are experiencing a cyber attack, known as a Denial of Service (DoS). Your info isn't at risk. We're doing all we can to get you back online."

They later posted an update, stating that it was in fact an internal DNS issue.

"The massive messaging storm that presented as a Denial of Service cyber-attack has been investigated by our security teams and we now believe that it was not malicious, but a Domain Name Server issue. We're really sorry for getting in the way of your weekend plans."

Many users reported that changing over to use a global DNS provider like Cloudflare's or Google DNS resolved their issues.