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EU calls for tenders for study on Domain Name System abuse

The European Commission has released a call for tenders for a study on Domain Name System (DNS) abuse.

The study is set to be a 7-month analysis on the scope, impact and magnitude of DNS abuse. The study will offer a service contract of up to EUR 100,000 to the winning tender.

The study will focus primarily on the European market and any regulations and laws associated. However due to DNS being a global system, it is to assess it in a much broader sense keeping in mind how this may affect any decisions or recommendations put forward.

The analysis will provide an overview of any and all existing policies, laws, and common practices already being followed but will focus on DNS abuse in the form of cyber security threats as well as illegal and harmful content.

Once complete the aim is to provide recommendations on how to address any of the issues discovered in order to help guide future policy development.

For further details, visit the page on the European Comissions website on shaping Europe's digital future.