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CNAME records, known as Canonical Name records or alias records are used to point records to other records like A records or AAAA records. It is also possible to point them to other CNAME records, however this technique is not recommended as it introduces additional DNS lookups as each record in the chain is resolved.

Example CNAME record

An example CNAME record may look like the following:

Record Type Value TTL
www CNAME example.com 3600

www represents identifier of the record. CNAME records cannot be used on the root of a domain.

CNAME is the record type.

example.com is the value of the record. This will mean that the www record will resolve to the IP address of the record associated with example.com.

3600 is the TTL (time to live) of the record in seconds, this example represents 1 hour. This means that when a record has had updates made to it, then it will take 1 hour to update.

How to check CNAME records?

Use the CNAME Record Lookup tool to check a domain name's CNAME records.

Use the DNS Lookup tool to check all DNS record types.

Use the Global DNS Checker tool to check DNS records from all around the world.