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DNS Records

DNS records are pieces of information stored about a domain name that provide information about where to look when locating resources for that domain name.

There are a variety of different types of DNS records which serve different purposes, listed below is some information to help you understand the purpose each of the different record types.

Common DNS record types

Below are the most common DNS record types that you are likely to encounter and a short description of each.

A Record - The most common DNS record, this stores an IP address for a domain.

AAAA Record - The same as an A Record, but for IPv6 record types rather than IPv4.

CAA Record - Certificate Authority Authorization records define which certificate authorities are allowed to issue certificates for the domain.

CNAME Record - These records are also known as alias records, they point to another DNS record.

MX Record - Mail Exchanger records are used to define email servers for a domain.

NS Record - Name Server records store the authoritative nameserver for a domain.

PTR Record - A Pointer record, also known as Reverse DNS records, provides the domain name for an IP address.

SOA Record - Start of Authority records store meta information about a domain such as contact details and when they were last updated.

SRV Record - Service records specify protocol and port numbers for services offered by a domain e.g. VoIP.

TXT Record - Text records store notes on a domain, these are commonly used to store configuration settings such as SPF and DKIM records.

Less common DNS record types

There is a huge list of additional record types, some of these include the following:

  • AFSDB record
  • APL record
  • CDNSKEY record
  • CDS record
  • CERT record
  • CSYNC record
  • DHCID record
  • DLV record
  • DNAME record
  • DNSKEY record
  • DS record
  • EUI48 record
  • EUI64 record
  • HINFO record
  • HIP record
  • HTTPS record
  • IPSECKEY record
  • KEY record
  • KX record
  • LOC record
  • NAPTR record
  • NSEC record
  • NSEC3 record
  • NSEC3PARAM record
  • OPENPGPKEY record
  • RP record
  • RRSIG record
  • SIG record
  • SMIMEA record
  • SSHFP record
  • SVCB record
  • TA record
  • TKEY record
  • TLSA record
  • TSIG record
  • URI record
  • ZONEMD record

How to check DNS records?

Use the DNS Lookup tool to check all DNS record types.

Use the Global DNS Checker tool to check DNS records from all around the world.