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Major Rewrite and Speed Enhancements

26th December 2012

Today whatsmydns.net underwent a major rewrite - this includes a full rewrite of the design, database and core functionality of the DNS propagation checker as well as the blog, articles, and supporting pages.

These changes bring whatsmydns.net up to date with a responsive design which will provide a nicer experience for users who have larger screens.

The core DNS propagation check has also been rewritten to bring faster and more accurate results to users. Moving forward this will give more flexibility for future upgrades.

Amazon CloudFront CDN is now being used to provide static content from endpoints located all around the world - this will make loading the website much faster for international users.

Supporting content and pages such as the DNS server database and Flush DNS page have had caching implemented as well which will further speed up page load times.

Hope you all like the changes and we look forward to bringing you more updates in the future.