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Advanced Link Sharing

10th March 2010

A great new feature has been added to whatsmydns.net today, it's a feature that I have been meaning to add for quite some time now but I received an email from a user a few days ago asking for more or less the exact feature I had in mind so I figured that many other people out there would benefit also so I decided it was time for it to be implemented.

whatsmydns.net now supports advanced linking so that you can more easily share links with your friends, coworkers, or people helping you out on a community forum or similar. The way it works is very simple and does not change the way that the site works in any way. There are 2 important changes to the site.

  1. Whenever you perform a search to check DNS propagation the fragment portion of the URL (the bit after the #) will be updated with your search query. This is the link that you will need to share with people.

  2. You can now access the site with the links that have been shared from the above step by simply going to the URL and when the page loads it will automatically perform the DNS propagation search specified in the link.

I hope that many people find this a great addition to the functionality of the site and that it helps out people when sharing links online to whatsmydns.net